Thursday, October 26, 2017

Random Musings, Part 2 . . .

More thing I have observed during the past few weeks . . .


This nice lady won a door prize to our booth at the show in Fort Wayne three weeks ago – she is 86 years old, and said this was the first time in her life that she ever won anything.  Her second time came much faster – she won a prize in our giveaway later that afternoon.


This lady was helping out in Riley & Company’s booth in Fort Wayne (for the uninitiated, Riley is a moose), and brought appropriate cookies to setup on Friday.

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Found this leaf on the floor in the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne.  It was mine – I used our company truck to deliver a tree to the house in mid-September.  It’s called a “Wildfire Blackgum” – supposed to have spectacular red leaves in the fall.  Of course, I have hoped for this with several trees in the yard over the years without success – though the picture I took this morning of the first red leaf makes me hopeful.


Spotted while refueling in eastern Ohio on the way to York, PA – this one was headed on a long and winding trip across the country, making multiple promotional stops along the way until it reached its new home on the west coast.


Got to my hotel in York on a Thursday evening, assuming that I would be channel surfing between the baseball playoff game and the Thursday night football game.  Instead, I got two big TVs in my room . . .


Steve Lindeman’s pen collection – spotted in the lobby outside the show in Fort Wayne.  Apparently he really wants customers to fill out those door prize cards . . .


My daughter-in-law Emily at her knitting club – I was her designated driver because her car was being repaired . . .


Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I became a year older – and got my two birthday wishes fulfilled once again.  I got a phone call from Mom and Dad at 6:53 a.m. (the time I was born), singing Happy Birthday to me.  And I got to enjoy lunch with my parents and my brother – we have done this every year for more than 2o years – it’s how we started and I cherish our time together, just the four of us.  By the way, if you’re wondering – no, my parents don’t call my brother on his birthday at the time he was born, and he appreciates that – he was born at 1:52 a.m.


Apparently the folks at the fairgrounds in York really want people to know where the exit doors are located . . .


This is really random – the lineup caught my eye and for some reason I felt compelled to take a picture.


Obligatory crowd shot – this is also from York . . .


Celebrity Emeritus sighting in our booth in York – Maria Repsher used to be one of us.  You might remember her as “Another Stamp Company” – it was really good to see her again.

20171015_145334_resized 20171015_170834_resized

Finally, no trip east would be complete without some fun with my dear friends Dee and Cal Ruger.  They saw this enormous (think as big as a cookie sheet) Rice Krispie Treat at Cracker Barrel and couldn’t resist – I often eat the mini version while working at shows, and they have brought me a box of those in the past.  I couldn’t help but laugh – I had seen the same thing in a Cracker Barrel in Ohio just a few days before.  And Dee found a semi-deflated balloon floating around during teardown and just had to attach it to Cal . . .

And now, I think I am caught up – tomorrow, we’ll carve pumpkins . . .

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