Friday, October 27, 2017

Pumpkin Night 2017 . . .

It’s one of our favorite family traditions, every year since Ryan was little.  In late October, we plan a night to carve pumpkins.  Ryan and I were always “freehanders”, but when Emily joined the mix, she introduced us (mostly me) to stencils.  And we got more creative . . .


As usual, our supervisor was on duty . . .

20171024_201930_resized 20171024_201938_resized

Emily likes really BIG stems on her pumpkins, and was so excited about carving them this year that we got two for her.

37111 20171024_204005_resized

This is probably the biggest challenge that I have ever attempted, and I came up with the idea in the few minutes before Ryan and Emily arrived.  This is the athletic mascot from the local high school (yes, stolen from Michigan State years ago – I always preferred the old one, but it would have been impossible to carve into a pumpkin).

37119 20171024_210130_resized

And then we took them outside and displayed them on the front porch . . .

20171024_212704_resized 20171024_205826_resized

With a few family shots . . .


And one for my Facebook page.  Hope you and your little beggars have great weather, and a safe and Happy Halloween.

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