Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Never Assume That You Know What Is Coming Next . . .

Last weekend was our annual visit to Allentown, Pennsylvania – I love the fairgrounds and the farmer’s market, and our booth rocked all day on Saturday (which almost offset the frustration of not getting a signal for our credit card machines – from a processing company based in, of all places, Allentown, Pennsylvania).

But my story of the weekend came from Sunday, when the pace was a little slower and I could pay more attention to what was going on at the demo table . . .


About an hour after the show opened, I noticed that four children had taken up residence at our “self-serve” demo table – they started out using the Wink of Stella Markers and Gelatos, and moved on to making backgrounds with Gel Press.  They were perfectly behaved and did a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves (I helped a little after they left) – the only time I heard them was when their mom was announced as the winner of a door prize, and they cheered for her when they spotted her a couple of booths down the aisle.  As they left, one of the kids came up to me and asked for a bag for his creation – it was still wet and he didn’t want to smudge it.  I was happy to oblige.

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About an hour later, I looked up and they were back – joined another customer trying out the demos and went back to work.


As they finished, this young man came to the register to show me what he had made – and to ask for a bag to carry his creations.


A little later, I spotted this adorable young lady and her dad working on a project while Mom was busy shopping in the booth.  I snapped this picture, knowing it would be a highlight of my day.

Just before the giveaway, a little over an hour before the show ended, those kids came back.  Same story – sat down at the demo table and went to work.  I was beginning to feel a bit like a babysitter.  As I was trying to get through the last few customers so they had tickets for the drawing, I noticed that all four kids were standing in line.  I knew what was coming next – all four of them want bags.  And I pretty much made up my mind that they could use the bags I had already given them.


Then they got to the front of the line and did this . . . and my heart melted (and I felt like a heel for the thoughts that had been running through my head)

I am very thankful for five kids who crossed my path at a show – and parents who are obviously raising them well.


  1. What a sweet story! And kudos to you for tattling on yourself, lol! I think most of us pre-judge from time to time; it's human nature. How wonderful though when we're able to see that occasionally we misjudge. Thanks for sharing that! ~Betsy Z

  2. Great story! I always check my Feedly for your blog first...your photos and stories are the best!!