Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Addition to the Show Schedule . . .

Most of the time, our show schedule for the year is pretty much finalized by August or September of the year before.  But for one reason or another, there are occasionally exceptions – and this is one . . .

Last year, we went back to the One of a Kind Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Show in Madison, Wisconsin for the first time in several years.  Our absence had nothing to do with the show – it always had something to do with my schedule.  But apparently our presence upset the weather gods, as six inches of white death fell from Friday night into Saturday morning (farther south it was more like 18” near Rockford, which really deterred the Chicagoland crowd).

Our friend Chris Mode started this show about 15 years ago along with her friend Ann Lee.  Then Ann took about a 12-year sabbatical before returning last year – and then Chris retired after last year, leaving Ann in charge.  And for a multitude of reasons, Ann and I had talked a couple of times, but as of this morning I still hadn’t gotten around to officially signing up to be a vendor at this year’s show.

Which led to the following exchange today . . .


“I think I told you when you called me (what was it, two months ago?) that I would get back to you within a few days.  Which obviously didn’t happen.  I have a large number of excuses, most of which are actually valid but none are worth relating here.  I can’t even claim “I forgot” – because it did cross my mind occasionally in the strangest places.

The last of which was yesterday, when Chris Mode’s birthday came up in my Facebook feed and I had one of those “Oh $#&*%^” moments . . .

Gary and I sat down this morning and hashed it out – unlike most vendors, in our company the decision is ultimately mine but the money is ultimately his.

So if you have 30-feet of prime location booth space available, I would love to come and freeze in Madison in 3 1/2 weeks. 

However, if at all possible I would prefer to avoid last year’s situation where six inches of snow fell in Madison overnight on Friday – along with eighteen inches in Rockford, preventing the Chicagoland crowd from attending.  I blame Chris for this, and assume you have more clout with the local weather gods.

Can you tell that I am in a strange mood this morning?  I have no excuse for that . . .

When you have a chance, please let me know if you have space available for us.  And if so, please e-mail the vendor packet – if I have one, I long ago misplaced it.”


“You crack me up. Thank you for putting a smile on my face as I read this.

I am happy to welcome you with open, gloved hands to Madison in November and have already put an order in for an unseasonably balmy weekend.

Attached is the aforementioned and aforeforgotten vendor packet. You can email it back at your earliest convenience.”


“I am pleased that my attempt at humor reached receptive eyes.  Life is too short to be serious all of the time . . .

Will go through the vendor packet and get the necessary pages back to you as soon as I can.  I think it took me forever last year, but I told Chris then that I come from a time when “I’m coming” was as good as a contract anyway.

I’m coming . . .”


And so, we will look forward to seeing those of you from Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and Iowa and Indiana and Minnesota at the Alliant Energy Center on November 19-20.  For more show info, go to http://www.stampscrapmadison.com

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