Monday, October 3, 2016

Pure Energy . . . and Other Fort Wayne Stories

Just returned from a busy weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  If I don’t have as much energy as usual, it’s probably because I spent part of my weekend watching a whirling dervish who reminded me so much of my cousin, Donna, when she was that age.

tanya_fox 20160930_170232_resized_1 20160930_170653_resized_1

Tanya Fox is the editor of CardMaker Magazine, and on Sunday she did a make and take next door to our booth.  During setup on Friday, I got to meet her daughter, Audra.  Audra really does remind me of my cousin – Donna was a cheerleader in high school and college back in the 80s. Donna used to wow the crowds at basketball games by doing back flips all the way across the gym floor.  At the time, she was the only cheerleader I knew who could do that – these days, I don’t think you can even try out without that talent.

Audra is a ball of energy – she was doing cartwheels and splits and all kinds of cheerleading moves during setup, and while her mom was doing make and takes on Sunday.  She also found creative uses for the table skirting that was originally intended to be part of her mom’s booth.  And I am quite certain that in a few short years she will also be a high school and college cheerleader.

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I came into the building on Friday bearing gifts for the promoters.  I have brought Bill’s Donuts for Steve and Michelle for several years – sometimes as a bribe to get in a little early for setup so I can head home to announce a football game on Friday evening.  On years like this one when the locals were out of town, I still bring along the goodies.


After all, when the promoter can round up a crowd like this as the show opened on Saturday, it’s at least worth a box of donuts . . .

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