Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Tim Holtz Items and a Catch-Up . . .

Most important things first – because as much as it might seem otherwise at times, this is a business blog . . .


Several new Tim Holtz items from Ranger were announced late last week – including Distress Crayons Sets #6 & #7, and three styles of Distress Mixed Media Heavystock (110#) – these are coming very soon and, as usual, until the first shipment arrives advance orders are 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.  Click on this link and take a look!

Now one or two of you might be asking why it took me five or six days after they were announced to get around to getting them on the website and blog.  I was at a show in Birch Run, Michigan – and the pace of the week left no time or energy to get on my computer until after I got home.  So I didn’t find out about them until late on Monday.

But I did see a few things of note in Birch Run . . .

20161104_110309_resized 20161105_113843_resized

At left, what the boys did while Mom shopped in our booth – at right, a perfect t-shirt for a boy (and a button that adds a touch from Mom).


Our friend John Eberly from Purple Daisy Designs approached me during teardown with a prayer request.  He is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on January 6 – even though he knows this is a very common procedure these days (and even though he has been in pain for a long time), even two months away he is more than a little concerned.  Your prayers would be appreciated.


Quite the sunrise, the morning I left for Birch Run . . .


It seems that there was this little presidential election yesterday – Zoe and her family took advantage of early voting.  Even though the media is convinced that she didn’t win, Zoe remains committed to uniting our nation.

14650202 14725763

Scenes from our annual pumpkin carving night – a family tradition that lives on . . .

20161031_180300_resized 20161031_190330_resized

The pumpkins came in handy on our front porch on Halloween.  Zoe had quite an evening – there are lots of little kids on our street, and Zoe thinks there is nothing better in the world when they come to visit.

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  1. All of the photos are perfection! Thank you for sharing them and the accompanying stories :)