Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Karen . . .

Today is Karen’s birthday – and at the store any occasion such as that is a good excuse for a carry-in.  Today, it was a cake carry-in – there were three of them.  And I got a text this morning inviting me to come up and partake – so I did.


Karen wanted to know why I had my cell phone tilted – I was trying to get all three cakes into the picture.  But I failed.  So when everyone came back behind the classroom  to line up, I asked them to gather behind the table so I could climb up on a chair and get a shot of all of them with all three of the cakes, just before they sang to her.


I still missed half of one of the cakes.  I also missed all but the arm of the extraordinarily nice lady who moved the outlet box that hangs down from the ceiling.


I say “extraordinarily nice” because Marsha has put up with me for more than 30 years – she works at my optometrist’s office.  Marsha is a hoot – and her brand of sarcasm is almost a perfect match for mine.  When I learned that she enjoyed crafting, I urged her several times over the years to stop by our store – so I was surprised and delighted to see her there today.

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