Tuesday, September 8, 2015

With the Name, It’s Hard to Believe That I Forgot . . .

I sent an e-mail out to our list about ten days ago, announcing 213 new dies from Memory Box and our intention to put them on sale for 20% off the MSRP through September 10.  When I do that sort of thing, I usually put a note on the blog as well – most of you probably get the e-mails, but some of you are “blog only”.  So I laughed sheepishly this morning when I realize that I had forgotten to mention the Memory Box dies – there is an irony to that.


Here is the verbiage from the e-mail . . .

“Have you discovered the fantastic dies from Memory Box?  It has taken me days to get all 213 of the new dies from Memory Box, Open Studio, and Poppystamps on our site -- every time I thought I was done, I found more! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some time looking through them -- if you need a good reason, they're 20% Off the MSRP through September 10!

“A moment of reality here -- with 213 new releases, some of them are going to be popular and some aren't.  So we can't stock all of them, but we can get them within a week or two at most.”

So if you didn’t know about this before – you do now.  And you have three days.  I might even let it slide through until the weekend just to make sure you have enough time.


Speaking of weekend – this was most of mine.  This limb covered a large portion of my neighbor’s backyard.  The split in it – about halfway from the beginning of my chainsaw cut to the edge of the picture – concerned her.  It had been there for several years, since a storm where the limb was likely struck by lightning.  The split got longer but it seemed pretty sturdy to me – I figured it would eventually come down in a storm and I would have to clean it up then.  But her concern finally trumped my interest in seeing how long it would stay aloft with that split.  So over the course of two days, I cut it down and disposed of everything.  Sometimes the best part of a holiday weekend is getting back to work so you can rest . . .


I finished the limb work just in time to clean up and enjoy this.  Since Ryan and Emily had to work last Sunday when we celebrated Mom’s birthday, we set up a time where we could meet at a local emporium for ice cream.  Blessed is the mother whose birthday celebration lasts for ten days . . .

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