Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More “Grape Vines” . . .

Gotta clean out the images left on my cell phone from the Grapevine show last weekend.  Some of them are worth sharing here . . .


For fellow vendors and former Stamp Camp enthusiasts -- Mary Kay DelaFuente is alive and well and paid a visit to see us in Grapevine last weekend.

20150717_151529_resized 20150717_151744_resized

One thing I really like about our booth at the Grapevine Convention Center is our position on the “stage” – which means instead of covering everything at the end of the day, I can just pull the curtain . . .


Jane McLaughlin’s granddaughters Ginny and Devyn spent a little time at the demo table.  Ginny helped with setup and teardown and was our “runner” all weekend – we ran her ragged.


This lady had three of these little critters in her handbag – she told me what they were twice but my memory isn’t what it once was.  Friendly things – she said she has close to 20 of them at home.


And since the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is the easternmost point where you can get them, no trip is complete without a fix . . .


  1. While the show looks like tons of fun...I'm most jealous of that In-n-Out burger & fries! Of course they opened in Dallas AFTER we left there.
    No In-n-Out for us stuck here in Ohio.

  2. Criitters and in and out fires! sounds like a great show!