Monday, August 25, 2014

Gremlins in the System . . .

I got at e-mail about 3:05 EDT Monday afternoon and the subject was “Marco’s Paper Blog Post” – which seemed rather strange to me since I haven’t written anything since Friday.

Then I looked at the heading – “Arizona on My Mind” – and realized that it was a post from back in May.  I assume it went out then – I have no idea why it went out today.  Similar reruns have happened once or twice before, so I guess there must be gremlins in the blogging system somewhere.

But I can assure you that I’m in Ohio – and so are my parents (I saw both of them Saturday and Sunday).  Dad just got back from a week of hiking in the Rockies – by himself – so I got to hear his stories over the weekend.

So to those of you who subscribe to the blog, please accept my apologies for clogging up your inbox . . .

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