Thursday, August 21, 2014

Answering the Challenge . . .

Anyone who knows me well knows that there are two things in life I truly dislike – cold and wet.  Therefore, I have kept a very low profile during this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeping the nation through social media.  And still, Sandy Sandrus (her sister and brother-in-law are Debby and Rick from Just for Fun) called me out Wednesday night.  So I share my response with you (those I challenged are all local friends of mine) . . .

Here’s a link to the video in case you can’t see it here . . .


  1. Good job!! My oldest son's swim team is doing the same tonight. Obviously they don't mind the wet :), but my son despises the cold. His favorite temperature is 108.

  2. Thanks for being a good sport, Greg. My sister-in-law's cousin died of ALS almost a year ago, so this is a project close to my heart.

    Sherry in MI

  3. Nice work, Greg! Also lost a family member to ALS, thanks!