Sunday, February 2, 2014

As Prayers Are Answered, We Ask for More . . .

I saw Melinda Doster at the Lawrenceville, GA show yesterday.  For the first time in nearly 15 years, she came as a customer – she doesn’t have the stamina yet for a full day at work, much less at a show.  So poor Mitra was chained to the demo table at Impression Obsession as Melinda and her friend Zaira Cardenas wandered around shopping and visiting with friends.  I saw her as the show opened and was amazed at how good she looks – I should have taken a picture to share but didn’t think about it until later.  About three hours later, they stopped to say goodbye – Melinda looked tired and had obviously had enough.  Radiation takes its toll while it does its job – and it will be another month or two before she is finished with that.

Please keep up your prayers and support for my sister Melinda.  And while you’re at it, I have a similar request – this one is for another of my sisters.

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Here are a couple of shots of my mom’s youngest sister, Nancy Lynch.  I swiped them from her Facebook page – the first was a shot of the three sisters, taken while Mom’s hair was growing back after her bout with cancer.  The second is Nancy doing what she loves best – supporting her grandchildren at their activities.

Nancy is obviously my aunt, but she’s only 11 years older than I am so to me she has always been my older sister – I have said many times that since I have no natural sisters, I have the right to choose my own and Nancy was the first.  We have shared many things over the years besides our love of baseball – I presented her flowers at her Rainbow installation when she was a teenager, and my first out-of-state trip without my parents was when my grandparents and I went to visit Nancy when she lived in Washington.

Nancy was the second of the sisters to battle cancer – Janet was the first. But we learned about the first of the year that after many years in remission, Nancy's cancer has returned with a vengeance.  After years of regular checkups that came back clean, her latest PET Scan came back with cancer throughout her body and a devastating prognosis that I am simply not yet prepared to type.

But Nancy is a fighter with an effervescent personality.  Her response is much easier for me to share – “It was the worst case scenario, but I’ll beat that!”  She starts radiation on Tuesday and chemo on Friday.

Nancy has much to look forward to.  Her granddaughter Sage graduates from high school in May and her grandson Josh is getting married in July.  And of course she will be present as my son Ryan is married in June and my brother’s son Conner is married in July.  It’s what we do – we are a family and we share each other’s sorrows and joys.

And when cancer packs a punch – we punch back.

I sent Nancy a text yesterday – explained what my extended family of prayer warriors had done for Mom and asked if I could share her situation as well.  She responded within two minutes.  So please lift her up – and you can send e-mails of support to



  1. I'm so sorry Greg. Thoughts and prayers for you all. Glad to hear Melinda's doing well and it's always amazing to see how well your Mom is doing. Nancy can beat this again! It can be done!!

  2. Thanks for the update on Melinda and for lifting up Nancy. Your love and faith oozes from this post....covering Nancy with my prayers!