Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Truckload of Color . . .

This note has been waiting for me to catch up to it for three weeks.  Back near the end of January, on a day so snowy, icy, and generally yucky that Debbie and Patti stayed home and I brought Zoe with me to the mail center (isn’t that a long-winded way of saying “Once Upon a Time”?) . . . a semi truck arrived.  One of our suppliers had contacted Gary with the offer of a truckload of ten colors of Bazzill Basics Cardstock at a closeout price.  He jumped on it and it arrived just in time for me to take a limited supply along with me to shows in Georgia and Florida.

Now that I’m back, Gary has asked me daily when I was going to get that cardstock on our site so that we could start moving it out to make room for the next great item that he scrounges.  Yesterday was the day – I put it on the website with no banner, no announcement, no fanfare whatsoever.  And less than five minutes later, someone had discovered it and ordered some.

I did put a banner on the site this morning . . .


Here’s a better look at the ten colors and their respective finishes . . .


It’s a rare occasion when we find nice cardstock in colors other than white and cream at closeout prices – and rarer still when it comes in big sheets so we can offer it in both 8½” x 11” and 12” x 12”. 

Want to see more?  Click on this link and feel free to add some to your next order!

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