Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Perks of My Advancing Years . . .

Monday, I received the first benefit of this stage of my life.  I played golf with three friends at a nearby course I had never played before – the golf league that I play in during the summer ended six weeks ago, but for the first time in many years I wasn’t ready to put my clubs away for the winter.  It’s not that I have played all that well – I have just enjoyed it, partly because I have played several new courses this year.

One of my foursome asked me how much the greens fees were at this course, so I looked it up online – and discovered that the senior discount there starts at age 55.  I saved ten bucks!

But by the next day I needed a shawl and cane . . .

Last week, a friend called  -- he coaches the local junior high teams and asked if I would consider announcing their last game of the year to cap off their season. Years ago, I used to do this for another friend when he was coaching peewee teams – they would hold their last game at night on the high school field and I made it sound like a varsity game.

The last junior high games were last night and I really enjoyed it.  The highlight for me was my interactions with the seventh grader who was running the scoreboard (I didn't get the spelling on his first name but it was pronounced KEE-un).  At one point, he asked me how long I had announced the varsity games, and when I told him 34 years his jaw dropped and he said "You mean you have been announcing since before I was BORN?"

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