Saturday, October 12, 2013

Side Trip . . .

We are spending the weekend in the monsoon that is York, Pennsylvania.  Nine inches of rain in two days – thankfully, it only affected the trip over and setup day.  By Saturday morning, the sun was out and the crowds were in the house.

But on the way east, I got to take a little side trip – a very little side trip.  Over the years, I have posted a number of pictures of the Dauber Sisters from Christy’s Main Street Memories in New Concord, Ohio – they enjoy the costume themes at Stampaway in Cincinnati (not to mention my recipes) as much as I do.  This August at Stampaway, I told Christy Applegate that one of these days I would get out early enough on one of my eastern show trips that I would make a surprise stop in her store.  The only issue was getting there before the store closed – it’s only about a mile off I-70 between Zanesville and Cambridge.

Thursday was the day, and about 4:00 in the afternoon I wandered into the front door . . .

IMG_20131010_164427_509 IMG_20131010_161650_412

New Concord has more claims to fame than being the home of Christy’s Main Street Memories – it is also the birthplace of John Glenn, former Senator from Ohio who was also the first American in space.  It’s a quaint little village that reminds me a lot of my hometown.  Christy’s shop is in an old building on Main Street that was originally a hardware store – and this picture on the wall was taken in the 1970s.


This is a narrow, deep store that you wander through like you’re walking through a maze – each twist and turn reveals more treasures.  If I had made it in the morning, I would have surprised the other three Dauber Sisters – they were helping with a class.


Christy and I had a nice visit – and I found out that her family has lived in New Concord about as many generations as mine has lived in Waynesville.


I thought I was going to get a perfect shot as I left (you can actually see my reflection just below the “open” sign), but the sun’s glare washed out the picture.  About 100 miles east of New Concord, that glare disappeared completely and was replaced by driving rain.  But this was a really enjoyable side trip – if you’re heading east or west on I-70 through eastern Ohio, I think you would enjoy it as well.


  1. John Glenn was the first American astronaut to ORBIT the earth on February 20, 1962. He was the 3rd American into space. Alan Shepard was first American into space on May 5, 1961 and Gus Grissom was 2nd on July 21, 1961 . Jan "waiting for the Mothership" in Michigan. :)

  2. I knew that ... and the history buff in me is embarrassed. I actually typed "orbit" first, but second-guessed myself. I plead fatigue ... it was late and I was marooned in a deserted hotel restaurant because the wireless in my room wasn't working. Thanks for being my editor.