Friday, December 28, 2012

No Wonder She Stays So Thin . . .

Our family Christmas gathering is very informal – usually Mom and Dad are headed back to Arizona within a day or two, so we eat up the leftovers from Christmas Eve Eve, play games, and visit.  This year, I introduced them to two games I first experienced on my golf trips – a board game loosely called “Marbles” (kind of a cross between Parcheesi and Sorry) and a card game called “Wizard”.


I was headed back for dessert when I noticed that Mom had finally taken a seat to enjoy her meal – she looked really nice so I decided to snap a picture with my cell phone.  Then I looked closer at what she was eating . . .


Yep, that’s all.  Don’t be alarmed – Mom is mostly a salad person, so it’s not surprising when she takes just a nibble of this and that.  But it was quite a presentation when she piled it all on one plate!

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  1. Piled all on one plate--I had to laugh. Your mom looks great!