Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let’s Eat . . .

Yesterday was “Carry-In Day” at the store – the regulars who frequent our Wednesday/Saturday Make & Takes brought in lots and lots of food and shared it in “Marco’s Too” next door to our store.  Thankfully, they share with us, too . . .

2012-12-19_12-06-04_84 2012-12-19_12-06-24_532 2012-12-19_12-06-18_714

And nobody went home hungry . . .

2012-12-19_12-05-37_266 2012-12-19_12-05-13_661 2012-12-19_12-05-19_227

More views of the festivities.

2012-12-19_12-27-59_147 2012-12-19_12-28-05_205

Meanwhile, I got these shots of Karen before she painted a “red nose” (seriously) on the bandages from her surgery the day before.  Good thing I got them when I did – this morning, she’s down to a Band-Aid and it’s not nearly as noticeable!


Unrelated, but still fun – Google is doing an interactive header today in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.  If you go to and click on the blinking arrow at the right of the header, you’ll move through images from Little Red Riding Hood.


  1. Enjoy your holiday festivities!

  2. What a great community. Merry Christmas!