Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poor Nala . . .

I hope you will share our new cat’s pain (literally and figuratively).  I shot this video with my cell phone on Monday, shortly after she started picking at her stitches and had to be fitted with a protective collar (the whining in the background is Zoe, who was lying at my feet and begging me to let her “help”).  A few days later, she is coping a little better but still doesn’t like it – the collar will come off in a couple of days when the stitches are taken out.  Have a great weekend!


  1. When we first met face-to-face in Massachussetts, you had remembered my having to put my dog, Toebi, down just a month earlier. I'll never forget the compassion you showed, Greg. I'm keeping Nala in my thoughts - so hard when our animals are hurting and we can't tell them it'll be okay!

  2. So is Nala walking forward yet Greg? I wish we could explain why to our pets, but as long as they understand we love them, it will be OK. And is Zoe "helping out"?

  3. Poor kitty. You didn't mention she'd stripped her forward gears.