Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Party . . .

When I looked at my e-mail on Saturday morning, I found one from Ginger Deaton reminding me that Sunday was Karen’s birthday.  That one has always been easy for me to remember since November 11 is also Veterans’ Day.  But the e-mail also informed me that there would be cake at the store at 2:30 – and that Zoe and I were invited to attend.  So off we went . . .

2012-11-10_15-00-17_995 2012-11-10_15-05-18_747

Shortly after we arrived, in came the cake (and some ice cream) – along with a number of nice ladies who had taken Karen to lunch at a nearby establishment.

2012-11-10_15-12-02_819 2012-11-10_15-05-54_685

Here are a couple of shots of the festivities.  I heard a few people ask Karen how old she is, and she was happy to tell them.  But I was also taught at a very early age that a man should never share a woman’s age – so suffice to say that Karen is four years older than I am, and there have been enough clues about my age on this blog over the years that an industrious soul could figure it out from that!

We have been very fortunate over the years that so many of our customers and friends share our lives with us.

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