Friday, June 8, 2012

Physics + Creativity = Snowflakes . . .

My friend Jack Stubbs is a physicist and an inventor, and he has an artsy side that comes out from time to time.  Wednesday was one of those times.  I was headed to our Facebook page to post some pictures, and in my news feed I saw a post from Jack with a picture of a snowflake.  Two thoughts immediately came to my mind – (1) Jack never posts on Facebook, and (2) I know some people who might enjoy this.

This is what I saw . . .

jack jack1

It’s a three dimensional snowflake that he created with a computer and some scientific know-how that is way over my head.  But he created about two minutes of video that explains it, and you can see it by clicking here.  I saw Jack at the golf course on Wednesday afternoon and teased him about his camera presence (or lack thereof) – that know-how is not over my head.

I have known Jack forever – his parents and mine used to double date back in the 50s.  Longtime customers of ours may remember another of Jack’s inventions – Self-Simmering Potpourri.  It was really cool – looked like a little rosin bag that you could drop into a cup of water and get several minutes of fragrance.  He has also invented a number of intricate surgical tools that are simply amazing.

Enjoy – and have a great weekend!


  1. Fun!
    I've seen 3d printing and how it works it beyond me and that is works is wonderful.
    And all i want is a digital die cut machine!

  2. Awesome! Thx for sharing :)