Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Pipeline Opens . . .

Since early February, we have been waiting patiently (as have many of you) for the new Tim Holtz dies and folders that were unveiled at CHA in January.  I was a little frustrated (as were many of you) that the “expected in …” dates were staggered – some in March, some April, some May, and the rest June.  And then I got a little angry (as did many of you) when those dates essentially ended up being garbage – Sizzix didn’t ship some of the March dies until May, some of the April dies shipped in early March but others not until May, some of the May dies shipped in early April, etc.

Good news – half of the June releases arrived this week.  That leaves only five dies that have not been sighted – Vintage Valise, Mini Flourish, Mini Lock & Key, Mini Labels, and Twigs.  All of those were originally expected in June, but I’ll be surprised if it takes that long.

By contrast, Spellbinders promised to ship six of their new dies in mid-February and the other 39 in mid-March and hit those dates almost exactly – for the first time.  Of course, they underestimated the demand for the most popular ones and ran out for a while, but that’s another story.

So let’s all take a nice cleansing breath and enjoy the next couple of months – because CHA comes again in July and we’ll jump back on the new-release roller coaster again . . .

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