Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mail Call

Today, I yield the floor for a special request from Joanne at our retail store here in Dayton . . .

Hi Everyone!

I have a very special request for you.  My nephew, Tony, is finishing up his second deployment in Iraq.  He has approximately 30 days left.  I would appreciate it, more than you know, if everyone would send him a card or note thanking him for his service. It would mean so much to him as there is nothing better than receiving mail from home when you’re overseas. Our family’s goal is for him to receive stacks of mail thanking him!!

His address is:
Sgt. Anthony Regensburger
HHC 1-14
FOB Warrior
APO AE 09338

Please send as soon as possible as mail takes about 2 weeks to get to him.  It just takes a standard postage stamp (44¢).

Thank you all in advance and please feel free to pass this along…THE MORE THE BETTER!  We are so excited for this deployment to be over!

Thank you,
Joanne Callahan


  1. Replies
    1. I think he is a policeman in the Dayton area now -- I see his mom occasionally.