Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Puppy . . .

Today is Zoe’s 4th birthday.  We don’t know much about the first four months of her life – just the note tacked to the cage at the pound that said her name was originally “Daffodil” (seriously?) and that she “plays too rough with older smaller dogs” (no kidding – cats, too).  But since then, her life has been well-documented . . .

Image1  Image2

The first picture we took of her – a few minutes after we got home from the pound.  And one on the front porch a few days later.

DSC00011 DSC00091

She grew fast – the left picture was a couple of days after we got her.  The right shot was a few months later.  She loved lying on Ryan in the early days, but she eventually outgrew it.


But she never outgrew her attachment to Ryan.  This was the day his wisdom teeth were pulled.  Zoe laid on that mat for eight hours playing nursemaid – never moved except to lick his fingers and put him back to sleep when he stirred.

DSC00230a 0308001203[2]

We learned early on that Zoe loves snow, chasing her ball in the backyard . . .

Image3 Image4 1219091116b

. . . and our family traditions.

0103001521 0103001521a

She loves lying in the warm sunlight through the front door in the winter . . .

2011-05-23_14-09-47_335 2011-05-23_14-21-47_821

. . . lying on the driveway while I’m working outside in the summer . . .


. . . posing for pictures in the yard . . .

2010-10-15_12-07-51_730 0226001146[3] 2010-12-29_16-19-19_587[2]

. . . and going to work with me on Fridays when I’m in town.

1129091410 DSC00155[3]  0526000945[2] DSC01392 DSC01364[3]

But more than anything else, Zoe loves people – especially little kids.  We have eight little kids on our block (four families), and one grandchild who visits his grandparents often.  Last summer, Zoe would sit in our front yard and wait for them to come and play with her.  Then two of the families got puppies for Christmas – and now I understand canine jealousy.

And I discovered something while pulling pictures for this post – I don’t think I have a single picture of Zoe and me together, since I take all of them (it’s much the same with Ryan).  I suspect that many of you can relate . . .

Happy Birthday, Zoe!


  1. Happy Birthday Zoe girl! How very lucky you were to have found your special family. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with all the things you love.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Great album and memories. Happy birthday, Zoe!

  3. Happy Birthday, Zoe! Such a sweet puppy! Isn't it wonderful and amazing how much "life" dogs can add to our life!

  4. Happy Birthday Zoe. What a wonderful 4 legged addition to your fanily she is. Hope she gets extra treats on her B'day!!