Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Happens to a Birthday Dunce Cap on the Day After Your Birthday . . .

Addendum to the post from a couple of days ago that included the lovely newspaper and roping birthday dunce cap presented to me by Nikki and Sheila from Heirloom Productions (which you might have missed since it and a post about the Fall Festival at our store e-mailed at the same time) . . .

When I arrived at the York Show on Sunday, that dunce cap was still sitting above my cash register.  My birthday was over, so I was going to throw it away. But some had other ideas.

2010-10-10_10-36-01_491 2010-10-10_10-36-28_306

At left is Krissy (her aunt is Sue from DRS Designs) – she couldn’t wait to try it on.  But she had the same problem I did – she couldn’t keep it on her head.  At right is Robyn (her mom is Stacey from Sweet Stamps) – she is a couple of years younger and her head provided a perfect fit!


And here are my final birthday comments for 2010 – thanks to Gwen Emanuel, who greeted me just after the show opened with a handmade birthday card.  Our customers are the greatest – thanks Gwen . . .


And I just got back from my “birthday lunch” with my parents and brother.  For the uninitiated – yes, this is a decorated chocolate chip cookie (I like the white icing).  Only the second time in 52 years that Mom & Dad didn’t see me on my birthday, so we made up for it today!

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