Monday, September 27, 2010

Boot Day

Yesterday in Anderson, South Carolina was the first all-day gulley washer I have been around in months – we haven’t had a decent rain here in Southwestern Ohio since June (at least until I got home today).  It was pouring when I got up, then it took a break and became gentle rain, and then it broke loose again.  I could hear the rain pounding the metal roof in the Anderson Civic Center off and on all afternoon.

Didn’t make the connection when I saw a little boy walking down the aisle wearing blue and fluorescent green T-Rex boots.  But I thought they were cute so I watched him in the booth across the aisle.  Then I saw a second pair of boots . . . and a third . . .


. . . and discovered it wasn’t a coincidence.  These three decided to dress for the weather.


I took a couple of shots when they came into our booth – but I missed the T-Rex graphics!  Left to right: Cindy Radford, Warren Whitfield, and Wendy Whitfield

And we appreciate them wading out to see us at the show!


  1. Thanks for visiting us in Anderson!!! We really enjoyed shopping in your booth both days! Hope to see you again next year.

  2. I know those 3! Thanks for coming to Anderson with the Heirloom show!

  3. Whitfield? hmmm. It is possible they are distant relatives. My grandmother on my Mom's side was Sallie Euphemia Whitfield, and she was from North Carolina. I know there are still some Whitfields there that I am related to (tho I haven't met them, one of my cousins has), but I don't know if there are Whitfields in South Carolina that we are related to or not. very interesting! :) and they have great taste in boots; my son has the same boots as Warren, but with frogs :)