Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patience Is a Virtue That I Don’t Have Today . . .


It's coming . . . it's coming . . . but I'm getting impatient!   The changeover is complete and the new website is active!  But it will apparently take up to a day or two for all servers to recognize it -- in the meantime, you'll still see the old one (like I am).  When you see this image on the homepage (I took this shot from the “staging site”), we will officially enter the "new" century . . .


  1. was so great to meet you in St Paul and watch the well-oiled machine that is Marcos, work!
    Hope you had safe travels home ; )

    Julie Murray
    Sue's sidekick for the weekend!

  2. That new site looks fantastic! It is almost here!!! You need to take a vacation after all the work you have done to get it up and running. Hurrah for Greg!!!