Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Command Performance . . .

It still amazes me that over the years our store has become a vacation destination.  Seriously – we like to get away from Dayton.  But occasionally I’ll get an e-mail in advance from someone who is making the pilgrimage.

I got one about a month ago from Lynn Keller – she lives in Beaverton, Oregon, and was planning a cross-country trip.  Lynn and I have e-mailed back and forth since she discovered that we share the same alma mater.  She was stopping to visit family and friends along the way – first in Wisconsin, then near Cleveland (where she grew up), and finally in upstate New York.  And she wanted to make a side trip to our store (look at it on a map – Wisconsin to Dayton to Cleveland is a serious side trip) to see it in person and take in the Free Make It & Take It on Wednesday morning.

Oh yeah – Lynn had a special request.  She wanted to meet Zoe.

Zoe usually doesn’t come to the store on Wednesdays, but this was too good to pass up.  So in we came about 9:45 this morning – heard the usual “Zoe’s here” from the MITI crowd, and then saw a lady peek around some shelves, smile and wave.  It was Lynn . . .

0526000945 0526000944

I didn’t get my cell phone out fast enough to snap a picture when Lynn leaned down to greet Zoe and got a nice lick on the face.  They hit it off quickly and visited for quite a while.

0526000949 0526001026

Of course, Zoe thinks everyone who comes into the store is her new best friend, so she got distracted from time to time.


Cyberspace is amazing – Lynn rattled off several names that I know (from all over the country) that she corresponds with regularly.  Said she couldn’t bring herself to tell them where she was going today since none of them had been here before.

From one dog lover to another – thanks for stopping by, Lynn!

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