Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Instructions for Last Week's Slider Card

Connie Vogt did a really cool slider card for the Free Make It & Take It in our store last Wednesday. She sent me photos and instructions -- in advance -- I told her I would post them ASAP.

So I sat down after lunch on Wednesday and went to work -- downloaded the pictures Connie had sent and mixed them with the shots above that I had already taken of her project. And I went to work on the blog post. That was about the time that Karen called and told me that Barry Payne was in the store in an Elvis getup and I needed to get up there NOW and take pictures. And I did -- went up, took the pictures, came back, and put them together to post.

Then I hit the "Publish Post" button -- and everything in both posts disappeared. Apparently it is a bad idea to work on two posts at the same time in different browser windows. I learn something new every day.

Since the Elvis post was the "short and easy" one, I redid it quickly and got it online. Figured I would get to Connie's later. Didn't . . .

Even had two people ask me about Connie's card Saturday when I was in the store and I promised I would get it done on Monday. But Connie beat me to it and posted photos and directions on her blog.

So with thanks to Connie, if you go to http://craftjunkies.blogspot.com/2009/11/marcos-make-it-take-it-slider-card.html you can see photos and step-by-step instructions without being bothered by my commentary!

I had begged off until Monday, because I already knew what I would be doing during the daylight hours Saturday and Sunday afternoon . . .

And this is what it looked like Monday morning -- 17 bags and one trash bin full of leaves, stomped down as much as I could compress them. We don't have that many trees, but I won this year's version of the "Who Gets to Rake B.J.'s Leaves?" Sweepstakes. My neighbor across the street has a huge tree right next to the road, and the leaves always blow into someone else's yard. Most of the time, the wind comes from the southwest and Jim & Sylvia two doors down from me get bonus leaves. If the wind comes from the west, they blow all the way down to the end of the street (Chad & Ashley at the end of the street are in their 20s and have plenty of energy, so Sylvia and I were hoping for that option).

Friday morning, the wind started howling directly from the south. I was at work, but I knew what I would find when I got home. So I started raking on Saturday afternoon, took a break for the trick or treaters, and finished the job Sunday after I got home from church. I was still grumbling about the time change -- it was almost dark when I finished, and it wasn't even 6:00 yet!

My supervisor was on duty through the entire process . . .

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  1. Well Greg -

    Zoe looks like she'd take it easy on you if you tossed her a treat or two!

    Elaine Allen