Monday, November 9, 2009

Hanging On for Dear Life . . .

I went out into the backyard yesterday after church to continue what I worked on last Sunday -- mowing and raking and generally getting the yard ready for winter. The first thing I saw gave me pause . . .

This is a tulip poplar -- we have several that I have planted over the years that came from my in-laws' yard (you should see their "momma tree"). It was those few leaves up at the top that caught my eye -- they looked like they were hanging on for dear life, and as long as they could stay on the tree they could keep winter from coming. I have been feeling like that, too!

I worked until dark, and then drove over to Miami University in Oxford to watch my nephew Conner play broomball. I went to Miami -- so did my wife and my brother. Many people confuse "our" Miami with the one in Florida, but ours has been around since 1809. I have an old t-shirt at home that says "Miami Was a University When Florida Still Belonged to Spain."

For the uninitiated like me, broomball is like hockey with no skates and a plastic "broom", and a ball instead of a puck. I took a shot of the opening faceoff with my cell phone and then cropped it -- that's my nephew in front of the referee (blue sleeves).

This morning, I took Zoe to the vet for her annual checkup. I always feel like a rat when I know she is going to get shots. But I wanted to get it out of the way before she heads to the kennel on Thursday morning . . .

Because we will be headed out for our last show of the year. We're going to Birch Run, Michigan (between Flint and Saginaw, and just a stone's throw from Frankenmuth) for the Great Scrapbook Events Shopping Show at the Birch Run Expo Center (right across the street from a huge outlet mall). This will be the first three-day show we have ever attended (Friday 1-8, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-4), and we're going all-out with Fifty Feet of Fun -- Plus Ten! We're going to have Sue Rothamel from USArtQuest at one end, Tim Hammonds from Scor-It at the other, and Sue Nelson from in the middle, and we're going to fill the other ten feet with lots of scrapbook papers and such.

Added bonus -- we were expecting a shipment of the new Cuttlebug Christmas Dies later this month. They came in early, so we'll have them this weekend! You can get more info about that show at If you're in the area, plan to come out and see us.

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