Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At Long Last, Genesis Trimmers Are Back!

I got an e-mail this afternoon from our friend Bonnie Boyle -- for the first time in years, she is accepting new orders for Genesis Trimmers.

This is a plug from me for something we do not sell -- the only place you can get a Genesis Trimmer is from Bonnie at I met Bonnie at a show in Atlanta eleven or twelve years ago, and as soon as she showed the Genesis to me I bought one. At that point, they were manufactured by a small company in Maine that was very satisfied with making them one at a time at their own pace. I waited six weeks to get mine -- soon the wait was six months, and then it got even longer. And still the orders piled up.

Several years ago, the folks in Maine decided to go out of business (I think they retired). Bonnie made them an offer and brought all of the machinery and such to Atlanta, got everything up and running, and then contacted all of those customers who had placed orders (some went back several years) to see if they still wanted their trimmer. She told me that she wasn't going to offer it to the public until she took care of each of those customers.

And that time has come. I promised Bonnie a long time ago that I would help her get the word out when she was ready to take orders again.

We sell little personal cutting machines from Fiskars and such, but whenever customers asked, I told them to save their pennies and get a Genesis Trimmer if they were ever available again. I kid you not -- this thing is great. Mine looks just like the picture above, complete with the edgelight. And I wouldn't get one without the light -- I like to print several pictures on one sheet of photo paper and the light illuminates the edge of the picture so I can trim it exactly. In all the years I have had mine, I still haven't had to replace the blade.

The Genesis Trimmer is not cheap -- the 16" model with the edgelight is $390.00 (there is also a 12" version). But if you use a cutter as much as I do, it's money well spent.


  1. I second that motion! I bought my Genesis through Bonnie when I first learned about them and before the wait got horrendous and then impossible - and I LOVE MY GENESIS TRIMMER. I, too, have the 16" and the edgelight but I've never attached the edgelight. Guess I'll have to go find where I stashed it and set it up.

    Ernie Hendrix

  2. I just bought the Genesis trimmer from Bonnie and I am in heaven! This trimmer cuts so smoothly, accurately, cleanly, etc, etc. I can now actually cut paper and know that I will have a straight cut. Isn't it amazing that you can't say that about so many trimmers on the market?
    I needed to replace my paper cutter and I started thinking of all the money I had wasted on paper trimmers that never gave a clean or accurate cut. And I mean a lot of money, I have personally bought four different trimmers, always hoping/believing that a company would not sell a trimmer that did not cut straight. Always, I was disappointed. After a while($$) I got smart and started testing them out at scrapbook stores but never found one I liked.

    I love, love, love my Genesis trimmer! If you can afford one, go for it! You will be doing the happy dance just like I am. Bonnie shipped mine the same day I ordered it and it arrived in only two days. Her customer service is fantastic.

  3. I bought the 12" Genesis trimmer over 6 years ago and it is still going strong. I absolutely love it. I do have a problem though, my light burned out and I don't know where to get a replacement for it. I really miss my light. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.

  4. Go to -- you should be able to get contact info there. Send an e-mail to Bonnie -- she will know how to get a replacement bulb.

  5. Greg,

    I ordered parts for my trimmer from Bonnie back in January 2015. I received a confirmation email on 1/28/15 and that is the last I have heard. I have send many emails and called the number on the website almost daily for the last week but no answer. There is a message on her answering machine saying they will be on vacation until October 15. I don't know if that is an old message or she means 2015. Do you have any idea what is going on? Is there any other vendor that carries Genesis Trimmer parts?

    Please help!


    1. I will pass your note on to Bonnie. Please be patient with her -- she is dealing with health issues and is working as much as she can right now.