Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Four Men in the Booth -- At the Same Time!

Male customers are not a typical sight at a rubbber stamp show. But I saw something in our booth at the York convention on Sunday that I can't remember seeing before -- four male customers in the booth at the same time.

These guys appear to be paying attention to Sue's demo. And they may be -- but in my experience, most men at a show are "pack mules" (carrying their wives' purchases). But there are exceptions . . .

There's that guy again (see Sunday's post). Ed and his wife (on his right) spent most of the weekend in our booth -- she watched all the demos and did the make it/take its. But so did he!

I had a couple of requests for more info about Mary Garvey's "double bugging" Cuttlebug folder demo. Mary says she got the idea from the Technique Junkies newsletter -- the technique described there involved using two Cuttlebugs at the same time on paper. Mary was doing the same thing on metal, and the results are amazing. For more info on Technique Junkies, you can follow the link at http://www.patstamps.com/

And this picture will make no sense until I explain it -- it's the view out the window as I'm typing this morning. I am in the lodge at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Pikeville, Tennessee. And for three days I am doing something I have never done before -- playing golf with two friends and five other guys I have just met. We played 18 holes yesterday after we got here, and will play 36 today (which I have never done in one day before, either) and 18 more tomorrow before heading home. Last night, I learned a new card game called "golf" -- how appropriate. I didn't play very well yesterday -- I was exhausted after the York show -- but I hope to do better today.

This has been a year of several "firsts" for me, starting with the Grand Canyon hike back in April. And I am enjoying them . . .

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  1. Greg, we really need to know more about the guy who appears multiple times in various photos. I'm intrigued.......Tyra