Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Creative Mess Is Better Than Tidy Idleness . . .

I live by the above statement. Anyone who has seen our convention booth during setup knows that chaos reigns. My desk, my car, even my closet at home are much the same. I just have too many irons in the fire to take the time to clean up as I go, so it makes for a huge project when I finally decide to make it spotless. At least that's what I tell myself . . .

An e-mail arrived this morning from Donna Weibel that makes me feel much better -- she plans her creative mess ahead of time! Donna teaches classes in our store and is one of the most organized people I know. Lately she has been hooked on Tim Holtz tag projects -- last month she went to Phoenix for the second time to Tim's Creative Escape. And there is an earlier post on this blog about how much goes into the preparation for her classes (

These are the finished products that Donna has been teaching recently -- next week starts her second installment of Tim Holtz Christmas Tags. Neat stuff! But Donna also sent me some shots of her studio after she finished creating. It's a trip back behind the curtain. I love her description -- "like a craft bomb detonated in there."

And then the finished products go into Ziploc bags and plastic containers, ready for the trip to our store. Donna says she has to be able to "see" everything to know what to put where, and she really does know what's under each pile. Takes a couple of days to reorganize once the job is done.

I understand completely, and I feel much better . . .


  1. I think we are part of the same club b/c I have the exact same problem. You should see my craft area, house, car... well you get the point ;)

  2. omg! That's great; I feel better now, too :)