Monday, July 31, 2017

Your Message in Fabric . . .

I see lots of t-shirts when I am traveling – some pledge allegiance to sports teams, some to brand names (I am always amazed that people pay for shirts that advertise for Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour and more).  But t-shirts with unique messages are the ones that catch my eye.  Here are a few that I have seen recently . . .

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These were spotted in Colllinsville, IL this past weekend.  The fellow on the left said he has lots of t-shirts with messages (he wore a different one on Sunday) and enjoys how people react to them.  And Christy says she is often asked to “pose” for a picture when she wears this shirt.


This is the 15th year a show has been held here in Collinsville... Janice and Susan worked with us at the very first one!  I told Susan that I appreciated her advertising . . .


Here’s one from the show in Shakopee, MN a few weeks ago – this is my kind of a balanced diet.


Sometimes, we get a trip down Memory Lane – I posted this one on the blog a year ago when we were in Lakeland, FL – it’s from the first StampFest back in 1996.  My string of perfect attendance there began with the first show we ever did there in 1997.


And some of them are handmade – these are also from last year in Lakeland.  I promised them last year that I would use this picture on the blog – this year, they reminded me about my promise and thought I hadn’t used it then.  Just found it – I did – but it’s worth repeating and hopefully they will see it this time.


These aren’t t-shirts, but they have a message – Deb Buchanan set up a Facebook page promoting the Collinsville show and encouraged folks who joined the page to wear “chalkboard nametags” so they could meet each other.  She even brought prizes – a couple of times each day, the promoter asked for ladies wearing chalkboard nametags to gather at the front entrance and a prize drawing was held.

I didn’t have a chalkboard nametag, but I “won” a prize – Deb and her friend Mary (center) helped me tear down the booth at the end of the show!

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