Thursday, February 11, 2016

Karen’s Excellent Lawrenceville Adventure . . .

Since two popular shows that we usually attend were both held last weekend, and since both were in the same direction from home, and since Karen’s son Scott and his family live near Atlanta, and since I was able to pack the truck tightly enough to accommodate a lot of extra boxes, and since I was able to drop off a lot of those boxes in Lawrenceville a day early – for the first time in at least ten years, we decided to try to do two shows at the same time.

It all started last Wednesday, when Karen and I set off from 62 degree Ohio and headed south.  I dropped Karen off with Scott’s family in Marietta in the evening, where she spent Thursday with her grandchildren.  That all by itself made the trip worthwhile for her.


Thursday morning, I dropped everything Karen needed for the weekend at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds and then headed south to Florida (more on that another day).


Karen and our good friend Peggy Gould joined forces at a hotel in Duluth on Thursday evening, and filled up on breakfast – and especially coffee – before heading to the fairgrounds to set up the booth with Jane and Marie, who have helped us set up in Lawrenceville for years.

IMG951623 IMG951627

And this is a portion of what they created, using some gridwall and carts from our usual booth, and lots more tables than we have used in years.


Little did they know that a wave of customers would swamp them all day on Saturday – our booth is somewhere behind that crowd.


Our show in Florida was only one day, so by midday Sunday I had returned to Georgia and brought out some of the carts on wheels to add to the shopping experience.


I had planned to just be Karen’s gopher on Sunday, but she wanted me to set up a cash register in case we needed it – and of course Pat Larson from Heirloom caught me checking my messages while Princess Peggy demoed (and tried to convince everyone she met to root for Carolina in the Super Bowl).


I heard stories about the Saturday giveaway – which was a huge hit even though I forgot to leave tickets for them.  And I was really looking forward to watching on Sunday – but Karen insisted that I do the honors while Vanna White (Peggy) showed off the prizes.

20160207_135952 12592433_1214269158587765_6843406161313035938_n

After carrying a customer’s purchases out to her car, I saw this sign on the way back to the building.  And to think that a year ago I didn’t even know what they were.  Then yesterday I saw Heirloom’s pics from the show – and it appears that someone from the Saturday crowd must have missed the notice.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a trip about 500 miles farther south . . .

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