Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Zoe . . . and a “Grandchild” in the Landscape

It was actually yesterday, but I preferred to leave Memorial Day uncluttered for those who have truly earned our respect.


Eight years old, but forever my puppy... Happy Birthday, Zoe.


And this sight is from the landscaping in my backyard.  There is a story behind it – this is a tiny version of one of those ratty bush/shrub/trees that grow wild everywhere in my part of the country (we actually used them for Christmas trees when I was a kid).  Ryan found its six inch tall “grandparent” in Mom and Dad’s yard when he was a toddler, and insisted that we plant it in our backyard.  So we did – and when it finally grew big enough, I put Christmas lights on it in December so Ryan could see them from his bedroom window.  But these things get oversized and ugly quickly – and finally I’d had enough and announced that it was coming down.  Ryan protested, until he went out to “protect” his tree and found a little offspring growing underneath it.  So the original was removed and the offspring grew, and eventually it also wore Christmas lights.  A couple of years ago, I told Ryan that the second generation’s time had come – and he protested again, but no offspring was found.  So I let it go – this Spring is was about 15 feet tall and really ratty.  Thankfully, it had finally gone forth and multiplied – so over the weekend it came down, was cut into pieces that were tied with string, and went off in the garbage truck.  And now the third generation has taken its place – someday to wear Christmas lights of its own.

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