Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Masses Have Spoken . . .

One thing I truly love about putting a question on this blog asking for your opinion . . . is the response!  We learn so much from our customers, and it really means a lot when you take the time to let us know what you think.

Such was the case a few days ago when I asked about the new Tim Holtz Distress Color of the Month . . .

January HDR46462_260x340

The majority of you – at least 75% – want to see each month’s color before deciding if it fits into your own personal color scheme.  And that leaves almost 1/4 of you who want all 12 of them and would like to get it out of the way now so you don’t have to think about it each month.

So here’s what we have decided to do . . . and hopefully it will make everyone happy.

I have created an “item” on our site for each Distress Color of the Month – you’ll find all of them by clicking this link.  Of course, right now only one of those 12 has a color attached – but another will be updated each month once the color is announced.  You’ll be able to order single items (ink pad, reinker, paint, stain, spray stain or marker) at the MSRP – or all six for 20% Off the MSRP – and either way, we’ll ship them free in the Continental U.S.

For those of you who want all of them sight unseen, you have two options – you can place your order online for a single month or all twelve (again, single items at MSRP or all six at 20% Off).  If you place the order online, you’ll pay for everything at once and be done with it.  The other option is to place your order by phone at 1-888-433-5239 (wait until Monday – we aren’t there now), tell us what you want each month (single items or all six), and then we’ll charge your card for each month’s items as they ship.

I hope this makes sense – it was confusing me as I typed it but I’m really trying to provide every possible option.

One last thought – which I think will answer a question that at least a few of you might ask.  I considered setting up one bulk item so you could order the whole year at once – but many of you have already ordered the January color and I decided it would get confusing.  So I listed each month individually.

Now, I need to get back to work – there are lots of new releases that I’m still discovering.  And thanks to those of you who have been letting us know what they are!

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