Monday, November 17, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful . . .

This is mostly for those of you who never experience weather like we’re having today.  You northerners know the type – they look at pictures of snow scenes and wax rhapsodic about how wonderful they look, but never have the “pleasure” of going outside in subzero wind chills (we’re going to get those tonight).

Yes, I know – there are even some northerners who live for winter – even southerners who travel north in search of snow.  As much as I grumble, I used to love it as well – but learned how to shiver as I grew older.  And by then my roots were just too deep.

This was the view outside when I got up this morning . . .

20141117_064015a 20141117_080519

And a similar shot after it got light out.  I hadn’t noticed until a friend brought it to my attention, but my original predawn shot had some artistry to it.


Those are very symmetrical lawn mower lines in my front yard – believe it or not, I mowed yesterday.

20141117_080531 20141117_080543

Two more shots from my front yard.

20141117_080557 20141117_080557a

And one from my side yard, along with a close-up – yes, this stuff is wet and heavy.  That piece bending toward the ground is usually standing up straight with the rest of the bush.

20141117_075615 20141117_080608

Backyard view.  These pics are not black and white, but it’s hard to tell except for the few orangish leaves still on my maple tree.  My neighbors two houses down the street left for their winter home in Florida two days ago.  I envy them . . .


This is from the shopping strip across the road from our mail center.  Last year, there was a massive pile of snow and ice on that spot well into April.  But it didn’t start this early – on November 17 last year, the high temperature was 61.

Global warming . . . yeah, right.

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  1. We're just as bad up in Clevetown. I'm still questioning why we moved here to help my Mom instead of staying in sunny southern CA. Is it SPRING yet???