Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Truth in Advertising . . .

Our first shipment of the new Sizzix Magnetic Platforms for Wafer-Thin Dies arrived this afternoon (this will be welcome news for a lot of you who placed your advance orders between mid-July and early to mid-August).  I just got on their website to see if they worded the product description properly . . .

“The attraction is obvious! For perfect registration, the Sizzix Magnetic Platform uses high-grade magnets to hold Thinlits, Framelits and other chemically-etched, wafer-thin dies securely in place during cutting.”

“High-grade magnets?”  No kidding . . .


Debbie just took one out of the carton and laid it on top of the scale on the shipping table.  When she picked it up, the cover on top of the scale came with it!  She brought it into the office and told Gary to pull them apart – she couldn’t do it!

And of course I told him to put them back together so I could take a picture – everything in life is blog fodder . . .


  1. Lets calculate an estimate of how many watches, cell phones or laptops will be affected by these new magnetic platforms.

  2. I am so happy they have arrived! I was one of those who has their preorder in! Hope they don't cause issues in the mail!

  3. Blog fodder! As a blogger I found this COMPLETELY HILARIOUS and promptly snorted my coffee. Ow...but so funny! :)


    1. Sorry I caused you pain -- but thanks for appreciating my sense of humor!