Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Customers Are Always on the Lookout for New Items . . .

Last night, I was getting ready for bed – pulled out my cell phone to set the alarm because I needed to get up earlier than normal (usually, I don’t need an alarm).  And in the notifications bar at the top of my home screen was the message “Robyn Josephs has posted a message on the Marco’s Paper Facebook Page.”

And so she had – it said “OK Marco’s – the new Distress Paint color special???”

So in my mind appeared the typical “50-something male at 11:30 at night” response -- “Huh?”

But somewhere in the fog, I reasoned that there must be new Distress Colors and I was going to have to forage for information when I got to work today.  Unnecessary thought – five minutes after I walked in, Gary walked in and thrust an e-mail from Ranger into my hands.  And now I understand . . .

Guess what?  Ranger has six new colors of Distress Paint!  And they should be in-stock and shipping next week!  Since Robyn asked (and you probably would have as well but she beat you to it), we’re doing an introductory special on them through the end of September – Order All Six for 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.  Just click on the graphic above and you’ll go to the product page.

That, of course, assumes that you already have the other 27 colors of Distress Paint.  If you don’t, here’s a link to the product page for the whole set of 33 colors – same offer!

And with that, I am officially going off the grid for a few days.  Friday will be a normal day, but after work and an evening announcing the local high school football game, I’ll grab a few hours of sleep, go pick up my brother at his house in the predawn hours of Saturday, and head for the airport.  Dad, Blake and I will be hiking the Grand Canyon on Sunday and Monday – Dad has wanted to do this with us ever since we hiked half of it together 4½ years ago.  That was a little more than a month after this blog was born, so of course there was a story.  There will be one after this hike, too – but with lots more pictures.  I have learned over the years that some of you enjoy seeing God’s creations through our eyes.

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  1. Just got my notice that mine are shipping today! thank you! PS: Can't wait to see pictures of your Grand Canyon trek. What a fabulous bonding-time excursion for two brothers and their dad. Know you had a great time together.