Monday, August 12, 2013

Crazy Hats . . .

The theme for the Friday Night Preview Party at Stampaway 2013 in Cincinnati last weekend was Crazy Hats.  And I took lots of pictures of vendors and customers.  So today I’ll share what we saw Friday night, and tomorrow I’ll share what we saw during the show on Saturday.

DSCN2029 DSCN2032

This was mine.  There wasn’t time to create something – we’re in the middle of shows on three consecutive weekends and I barely have time to make sure we have enough products in the booth to try to make everybody happy.  I saw one of these on a Reds television broadcast a month or two ago, and it seemed to fit the bill.  So when people asked me what I was going to wear, I just told them I was wearing a baseball hat . . .

IMG_20130809_190706_564 IMG_20130809_190714_298
IMG_20130809_190721_181 IMG_20130809_190726_881

And Karen’s – it takes four angles to see everything, and obviously it’s much more creative.  We soon learned that she wasn’t the only attendee who thought of displaying products on her chapeau . . .

IMG_20130809_192319_175 DSCN2034

Sam from Stamp On It was my choice for best vendor hat – he said he couldn’t smile because he was a bandito.  And this lady brought a backup hat that she wore after the original got too heavy on her head.

DSCN2041 DSCN2042

I think this lady won the customer contest – I tried taking pictures from two angles and never did see her face.  Everyone was talking about “the hat with the chicken on it.”


Most painful entry – from every angle, it looked like the scissors were imbedded in her head . . .

DSCN2036 DSCN2038

Best idea of the night – Ted and Michelle Cutts from Art Gone Wild/Inky Antics/Stampers Anonymous/Darcie’s Country Folk (someday they’ll own all of us) commissioned two balloon artists to create hats for anyone who wanted one.  And I told Jackie Lewis from Inky Antics that if the Preview Party theme is ever “Sweetest Smile”, she’ll win easily . . .

IMG_20130809_214236_013 IMG_20130809_214348_396

Ted went to the more creative of his balloon artists and designed a custom headdress for Lucie from Luni Stamps.  Apparently it was “one size fits all” because it looked great on Nicole, too!

DSCN2033 DSCN2035

Kathy Lenhart from Rubber Cottage didn’t have a crazy hat at the beginning of the evening – but her husband Joe quickly fixed that . . .

DSCN2026 DSCN2028

Karen and Kathy visit before the customers flooded the building.  Gail from Gary Burlin and Bill from Repeat Impressions – I told Bill that his hat would have been more authentic if cans had disappeared during the evening.

DSCN2037 DSCN2039

Wendy and Adrie from Repeat Impressions (I spelled “Adrie” phonetically – forgot to ask her how it’s spelled) and some of the customers I saw during the evening.

IMG_20130809_192231_402 IMG_20130809_192243_763

Pat and Paul Niemuth from Northwoods Rubber Stamps – Pat said the staff back in Minnesota designed their entries.

DSCN2040 DSCN2044

The Dauber Sisters from Christy’s Main Street Memories were one short of a quartet again – this time, it was Diane who couldn’t make the trip.  And I told this lady that she probably felt right at home in Lucas Oil Stadium.

IMG_20130809_192455_622 IMG_20130809_222249_659

Joe Rotella was playing The Mad Hatter in our booth demoing USArtQuest products.  I had to shoot Judy Ferrell’s panda hat from the side so I could get the eyes.

IMG_20130809_222621_505 IMG_20130809_223417_056

The lady on the left said she got her hat from her husband’s collection – he gets a different one each year at a convention in Las Vegas.  And the entry from the lady on the right reminded me of the Water Buffalo hats from the Flintstones, except hers had a tiara on top.

Since Connie Williams was all over the place taking pictures during the evening, I suspect that more vendor and customer hats will appear on her website within a week or two (the staff was planning a vacation first), so here’s a link you can click on later to get there.

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  1. It's so much fun when people join in - the hats are fabulous! each and every one!!!!