Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Own Peter Cottontail – Meet the “Easter Barry” . . .

As promised, I made the trek to the store on Thursday to see what Barry’s newest costume looked like.  He never disappoints . . .


If you look very closely, you’ll notice writing on one of the eggs in Barry’s basket.  Karen wanted to know why she didn’t get her name on an egg until she realized why identification was necessary . . .


Probably a good idea to provide a warning label on the egg loaded with dog biscuits!

IMG_20130328_114808_086 IMG_20130328_114952_553

Barry brought an extra set of ears along so others could get into the act . . .


But he didn’t bring an extra one of these . . .

If you would prefer that your Easter Basket be loaded with something to color your eggs (not really – just sticking with the theme), you might be interested in this – Ranger and Tim Holtz announced three new Metallic Distress Paints on Thursday.


Unlike many new offerings, there won’t be much of a wait – we’ll have them on Tuesday!  That brings us to 27 Distress Paint colors now – if you haven’t experienced them yet, you can still get the complete set of 27 and save 20% off the MSRP.

Here’s the video from Tim Holtz announcing the new colors:

Have a great weekend!

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