Friday, March 8, 2013

Greetings from Tucson . . .

I have so many stories to tell, and Blake and I have only been here two days.  One of the best is how we got here in the first place – we escaped Ohio in the middle of a snowstorm that cancelled flights all of the Midwest.  But all of those will wait until next week – I do a little computer work when I can fit it in (like this) while I’m here, but I want to use each minute with Mom and Dad wisely!

Until then, I will share two images with you . . .


Mom looks great – she is perky and has a spring in her step.  And now when we walk around the park where they live, it’s all I can do to keep up with her.  She is a completely different person from the Mom I saw in December when she was home for her PET Scan.  The news that she remains cancer-free has obviously taken a weight off her shoulders.


And this is Blake, Dad and me on top of Picacho Peak (about 60 miles north of Tucson).  We flew into Phoenix this time because the fares were about $240 cheaper, so we stopped here for a “warmup hike” on the way to Tucson (you can see I-10 on the left side of the picture).  Think 90 minutes climbing steep slopes and using cables to pull ourselves up much of the way.  Yesterday, we did a 16.2 mile roundtrip to Rincon Peak – we can see it in the distance from just outside my parents’ place.  But from here, you can’t see the foot-deep snow we hiked through for the last mile or so to the peak.

As I said, the stories and pictures can wait until next week . . .


  1. Love hearing about the closeness you share with your brother and parents - and how you cherish it.

  2. wonderful heart warming images!

  3. You picked a good day to come...we're in Phoenix for spring training. We went to see the Dodgers and Giants play...all of one inning plus. During that time (3 hrs), we had rain, thunder, lightening and when they announced Buster Posey was at bat, it started hailing. We made it to the third rain and gave up because we were wet!