Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Meeting at the Store Leads to a Surprise for Me . . .

I spent the lunch hour today meeting with Pat Adams, Chris Mach and Lisa Nelson – all three teach classes at our store.  Gary had a idea recently and he wanted us to see if it is workable – when we have classes at the store, are you folks in the hinterlands interested in “taking” them at home?

patadams ChrisMach lisanelson

This is still in the very early stages, but the idea originated about a year ago when Pat developed a class called The Neverending CardI thought it was really impressive so I shot some pictures to put on the blog, and then realized that video would tell the story so much better.  So I quickly learned to shoot video on my cell phone and included it in the blog piece, and there was enough interest that we offered packets for sale to those who lived too far away to take the class.  Now Gary would like to offer something similar every month or so – if there is enough interest.  So the next step is up to you – interested?

I had just finished putting Chris’ monthly card class on our website, and mentioned to her that a couple of the cards were really nice.  So she pulled them out and showed them to Pat and Lisa – and as she opened one of them, I saw two panels that I had missed when I shot pictures a few weeks ago.  She had to open it twice more before I realized what I had missed.

The card looks like this . . .


Opened all the way, it looks like this . . .


But only a video really does justice to what I didn’t see.  So here goes . . .

We have some talented teachers around here!    If you’re interested in some long-distance instruction, let me know and we’ll continue working on making it possible.

And if you’re local and are interested in “Cards with Chris” in November, you can click here to go to the class page on our website.


  1. definitely interested in long distance instruction-this card is so neat

  2. I'm definitely interested in a make at home. Will it just include intructions (video or pdf), or a purchased kit? Looking forward to what you come up with.