Friday, September 7, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes . . .

No doubt you saw the picture I took of the new Spellbinders dies that arrived yesterday.  But just in case, I’ll repeat it below, along with a picture I took just after unpacking what arrived today (and keep in mind that a lot of what arrived yesterday has already been shipped) . . .

2012-09-06_10-33-53_246 2012-09-07_12-22-09_988

Perhaps the side shot will give you a better idea of the task that lies before us . . .


Want to know which new dies were most popular among your peers?

2012-09-07_12-22-40_222 2012-09-07_12-23-01_947 2012-09-07_12-22-50_600

Decorative Labels Eight, Marvelous Squares, and Matting Basics A & B led the way by a mile.


And of course, until everything has been shipped, your dies will be protected by an attack dog . . . (anyone who is familiar with my canine will see the humor in that comment).

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  1. Wooo Stinkin Hoooo!!! I hope that means my Matting Basics A & B will be on there way soonest!! I am so jazzed! Thanks Greg for sharing this post. It is so much fun to view all of those stacks of Spellbinders! Would love to get my hot little hands on them! LOL! Now Zoe, you get em girl if anyone tries to take em! :))