Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making Friends . . .

I still find it amazing that our store has become a bit of a tourist destination over the years.  That said, it does make some sense – you can spend the day playing at our store, and send your “designated driver” out to the Air Force Museum (20 minutes away and free – someday I’ll go out and take some pics and post them here, because it really is a great place).

And sometimes I know when a visitor is coming.  My friend Kathy Henning lives in Maryland, and we have crossed paths often over the years at shows and by e-mail.  She and her husband, Brian, take their trailer to Idaho each year to visit their son, and visit more family in Iowa on the way back.  And since her Spellbinders preorders came in while they were on the road, we arranged for her to pick them up at the store on Wednesday.

2012-09-12_14-35-46_723 2012-09-12_14-37-15_653

So while Kathy was at the counter adding to her new toys, Brian got acquainted with Zoe – who wasn’t expecting what came next . . .


. . . after Brian climbed into the trailer and brought out a new playmate . . .

2012-09-12_14-41-00_760 2012-09-12_14-41-03_181 2012-09-12_14-42-26_169

Kathy has been telling me about Sadie since she got her about a year ago.  Zoe is sometimes uncomfortable around other dogs (apparently, so is Sadie), so we gave them some time to sniff each other out.

2012-09-12_14-47-24_255 2012-09-12_14-47-48_357

Didn’t take long . . .

2012-09-12_14-54-45_272 2012-09-12_14-54-56_16

Once the canines finished their visit, Kathy took Sadie inside -- ‘cause Karen loves doggies, too!

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