Monday, August 22, 2011

The Thrill of Zoe’s First 50 Cent Cone . . .

2011-08-21_19-56-55_834 2011-08-21_19-57-03_338
2011-08-21_19-57-09_405 2011-08-21_19-57-18_718

I didn’t even think to take pictures until Zoe had already taken three or four licks.  And then I thought the fun was over – and completely missed the look of joy on her face when she chomped down on the cone . . .


  1. Obviously, the world's best behaved dog and such a dainty diner.

  2. Priceless, though. :)

  3. That's ok; you can still see her smile :)

  4. our local Brewster's ice cream place gives free cups of ice cream to dogs w a purchase by their human... our dogs love it, but always leave the bisquit topping in the grass untouched. i've never taken a pic of them doing that, will do it next time