Thursday, August 18, 2011

Terrorizing Your Children . . .

My friend Tyra Smith has a unique way of keeping in touch with her children during the electronic age.  Her daughter Shyekara is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and her son Blake is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  And almost every day, when they check their mail they get a postcard from home.  Tyra has taken pictures of family outings, special events, and general goings-on in their hometown – and created special postcards.  So she jots a quick note, addresses them, slaps stamps on them, and off they go.  And I’m told the kids can’t wait to check their mail.

That may change very soon – Tyra saw the blog post with our costumes from the Stampaway Preview Party, and sometime soon this image will be polluting Wisconsin mailboxes . . .

Hello Sunshine

Kara and Blake have been friends since they were little.  Poor kids may never speak to me again . . .


  1. Blake & Kara are gonna LOVE this postcard!!! They'll just smile at it and say..."Ohhhh that Uncle Greg, gotta LOVE him!" Thanks for inspiring me and giving my kids something to chuckle over at college. ~ Tyra

  2. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. You have a way of brightening the day.

  3. lol :) that's hysterical. Tyra, hats off to you for sending them postcards all the time! that's awesome!!! I hope I'm as a good a Mom when my kids get that age.

  4. they'll get a kick of this for sure. i send my son a card a week, heis in Pittsburgh and i'm in Philadelphia, only 6 hrs away. and i can't do something daily.