Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Truck Has a New Big Brother . . .

We are in Clearwater, Florida – our annual hunt for warm weather in February.  Considering it was two degrees when I left Ohio, anything was going to be an improvement.


But honestly, the temperature when setup was completed wasn’t much of an enticement to get me to Clearwater Beach.  That, and exhaustion . . .


But the truck was happy all week long.  You may recall that the truck took over this blog about a year ago and ranted about its home beside our building and its cold covering of snow.  That home was empty all week, because I left the truck in Atlanta after last week’s show and flew home, then back on Thursday morning.  It was $200 cheaper to park the truck and fly – and a lot less wear and tear on me.

2011-02-11_13-53-26_874 2011-02-11_13-53-33_663

This rig is so long it took two shots just to show it all.  And you might just see it at a show this year – this is the new home of Ted Cutts’ traveling roadshow (Art Gone Wild, Inky Antics, Stampers Anonymous, Darcie’s Country Folk).  He just picked it up on Thursday, so he hasn’t even mastered turning corners and backing up yet.  The trailer is a double decker car carrier – and I hear every bit of it was loaded with booths and product.  I want to see the inside of the motor home . . .


Here’s some perspective – our truck looks positively tiny next to Ted’s.  Wow . . .


  1. "our truck looks positively tiny next to Ted’s"

    I'm sure that just means you know how to pack better. lol

  2. wow!
    And Melody is right on--you know how to pack!
    (and tomorrow ATL is supposed to break the 60 degree mark--yippppeeeeee)

  3. Just think though...less axels mean less tolls. And, you have a fab new tailgate lift. Sometimes being the little brother is kind of nice.

  4. Whoa, that's a cool truck to have! The wheels look good, and the interior seems to be well-equipped. You're all good for a long ride! Good luck on the travelling road show! :)