Monday, November 1, 2010


The response to Halloween Madness in our store was much more than we anticipated (especially with only two days’ notice).  We had handmade coupons galore and more than a few costumes.  Following are some of the highlights and the gift certificate winners . . .


IMG_1443 DSC01707 IMG_1441
IMG_1445 IMG_1449 IMG_1453

The winner was Diane Harvey (top left) – anyone who camouflages herself well enough that a good friend can’t recognize her deserves a prize (in this case, a $25 Marco’s Gift Certificate).

Coupons . . .

DSC01713a DSC01716 DSC01721 DSC01723
DSC01718 DSC01720 DSC01731
DSC01725 DSC01729 DSC01727 DSC01733

There were probably twice as many as this, but these were some of the most creative.  The winner ($25 Marco’s Gift Certificate) was Ramona Downing – her entry is the one in the upper left.  But Gary was so impressed that we decided to award three honorable mentions ($5 Gift Certificate each) to the other three entries in the top row – from left, Jeanette Alley, Lynn Brown, and Nancy Galusha)

Thanks to all who participated!  And due to popular demand, it looks like we’re going to do another coupon contest in about three weeks with a Thanksgiving theme – so you can start creating now!

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