Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disney Rainout . . .

After the show ended today, we quickly cleaned up the booth and got out of the convention hall. There were things to do – and I was headed for Disney World (Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to be exact – it’s my favorite). Gotta do a few things for myself when I’m on the road . . .


Parked the truck in my usual spot in the bus zone (right next to the entrance). And the first thing I saw? Karen, Anna, and Anna’s kids – they had the same idea. The sun was shining as we parted company and went in search of our favorite attractions.

I usually come in, make a right turn, and head straight for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster. Saw several people do something I had never seen before – they took cell phone shots of the images the ride operators were trying to sell as they came off.

0619001829a 0619001914a

So I did, too. That’s me in the back right at the Tower of Terror, and in the front passenger seat on the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster. I came out of the coaster, heading across the park to other spots I like, but noticed the patrons scurrying about. Then I came out from under the trees and noticed sprinkles and darkening skies.

0619001920 0619001920b

I headed for cover, and the skies opened up. It poured – with thunderboomers closeby. This was my view for the next hour or so from under cover. When the rain slacked off a little, I headed through the shops and back to the parking lot – and back to the hotel. Good decision – by the time I got out on the access roads, it was pouring again. As I type this three hours later, it’s still raining. Found out later that Karen, Anna, et al stuck it out and dodged raindrops all evening.

But don’t feel sorry for me – I have had many good times in the company of the Mouse . . .

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